Who am I?

Together with Bezobalu at Prague Food Festivalu 2016

The name of my blog in English would be “barely enough time for snacking”. Well, that doesn’t sound so nice as in Czech, but it’s supposed to show that even though I am in rush I still have a time for a snack (I am talking about proper morning/afternoon snack, not some bag of chips or other unhealthy processed foods). I am truly dedicated to foods. When I am not traveling and trying new cuisines, then I am at least at home trying new recipes (I am glad that we live in the internet era).

What is really important for me (and not only in the kitchen) is the minimum (and preferably none) waste. Zero waste. Therefore many of blog entries are about what to do with certain ingredient when I have too much of it or how to use parts of ingredients which someone might consider as waste and threw it into the bin.

I didn’t attend a culinary school – I am a typical home cook. Since I’ve been cooking for a while, I gained experience in professional service as well. I did an internship at Eska in Prague, I chose this restaurant because they use local and nearly forgotten ingredients. I also teamed up with zero waste shop Bezobalu (which would translate as “without packaging”) and with my favorite cassette label Genot Centre which together with Radio Wave organizes sleepover concerts.

What can I offer you?

I can be your personal chef.  Did you know that personal home cooks are trend of the year 2017?

Chocolate-peanut butter cups

I can provide catering at your event. It depends on its’ extent, for more info, please contact me. I specialize in vegan catering, vegetarian or glutenfree is welcome as well. I can do meat, but I don’t think people should eat meat to that extent in which it’s being eaten.

Silent Night #7 Radia Wave Foto by Kryštof Hlůže

I can provide consultation about cooking and zero waste living. 


Marta Musilová


+420 724 323 957